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3D Service Excellence Preview

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3D Service Certification

3D Service Certification




Hospitality Excellence’s 3D Service Certification has 7 levels, called GEMs,  for Guest Experience Management. GEMs are similar to belts in martial arts.  Each level, each GEM, provides progressively higher levels of 3D Service skills.  Each GEM certificate requires that you complete a series of courses and demonstrate that you have achieved mastery of the skills associated with that GEM.  When all 7 GEMs are earned, you may qualify for the 3D Service Certification. 







You are now entering the first level GEM, comprised of 3 courses:  3D Service Excellence 101, 3D Service Excellence 102 and 3D Service Excellence 103. These courses are designed to help you begin your journey to 3D Service Excellence by introducing you to the fundamentals of 3D Service.  Upon successful completion of these three GEM 1 courses, as evidenced by passing the final quiz, you will earn the first “GEM of Service” certificate.  This well-earned document will count as the 1st of 7 GEMs toward your Hospitality Excellence 3D Service Certification.


Future GEMs will build upon what you learn here by delving deeper into these concepts and further enhancing your skills in these areas. 

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