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3D Service Excellence Preview


Welcome to 3D Service Excellence!

Welcome to 3D Service!  You are about to learn the secrets of hospitality excellence and explore the extraordinary world of guest experience management. We are about to show you how to deliver a new dimension in Service Excellence throughout every facet of the guest experience. Whether you are in a first class resort hotel or any place where service is delivered, your guests, your customers and your clients have high expectations. They want to feel special and to know that you care about their experience and in turn, their business.  Guests will pay a premium to receive better service and will base their buying decisions on those that provide the best. Service is one of the hottest topics in business today and is an essential business strategy for both you and your organization!

Just as 3D movies take the audience deeper into the film, 3D Service, Three Dimensional Service, takes you deeper into the world of exceptional service delivery.  We will show you how to mobilize all the senses and engage all the emotions of both giving and receiving exceptional service.  We will help you get ESP, Extra Service Perception, which will increase your service awareness.  We will guide you through many different  strategies and tools and techniques in 3 dimensional service.  Our program will give you a more thoughtful and deeper understanding of what it takes to really make guests happy and make their moments most memorable.

Once you complete this course, you will receive your first GEM of Service, GEM standing for Guest Experience Management, and be on your way to an international certification in 3D Service Excellence.  Through proactive Service Excellence, you will stand out in a world that wants it but can’t seem to get it. Repeat business, guests who keep coming back; referral business, guests who tell their friends, colleagues and others; additional income, guests who want more, buy more, pay more, tip more; and especially, satisfied guests…those that experience the best depend on comprehensively positive experiences each time and every time. 


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