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3D Service Excellence Preview

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What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

In the first course of GEM 1, 3D Service Excellence 101, you will be introduced to 3D Service Excellence. In Service Perspectives, you will be introduced to several of the key stakeholders in service transactions, including their different perspectives and needs.  This will enable you to better service the needs of all of your customers. In What Is 3D Service?,  your eyes will begin to open to new dimensions of Service Excellence, including the business and personal benefits of 3D Service.  In 3D Service Standards, you will learn 12 standards that are fundamental to raising your daily standards of service delivery.  And in Guest Experience Management, you will begin to make the mind-shift from customer to guest.


In 3D Service Excellence 102,  you will learn the basic Dimensions of Service, how the procedural and personal sides of service impact the level of service that you provide, especially in the guest experience.  In Touchpoints, you will gain a basic understanding of how each point of contact with a guest is related to the others and how they individually and jointly contribute to the opportunity to provide an excellent guest experience.  In Attitude, you will be introduced to why attitude is the basis for all 3D Service Excellence and how to begin to have an exceptional attitude now. In Impressions, you will begin to learn how first impressions are made, how they last, and how to make exceptional impressions. 


In 3D Service Excellence 103, you will learn the foundational principles of how communication impacts the guest experience and how to communicate at a higher level. You will be introduced to a proven method for Dealing with Difficult Situations, including how difficult situations provide an opportunity for enhancing service excellence and a process for handling difficult situations exceptionally.  In Teamwork, you will begin to learn how each Touchpoint is related to the whole guest experience and why teamwork is critical to successful 3D Service.  And finally, in Next Steps, you will learn how to personally commit to make 3D Service your personal mission each and every day.


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